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Originally Posted by cpc2011a View Post
Obviously someone has never done an Estf with a tank worth a spit in the wind. My engi's regularly take and hold the agro from the escorts, as they are supposed to do as tanks. My cruisers aren't in it for the dps, they are there to piss off any and all baddies so that the escorts can do their dps'ing carefree. Yes there have been occasions where an escort yanks the agro from me, but a BO2 quickly fixes that issue. DPS may be king, but a good tank is priceless.
im not trying to argue here, but aside from maybe aceton beam? all threat is dps based, so if you arent in it for the dps, how are you holding threat? not challenging you at all, i think theres many people who have no clue.

i mean beam overload is one shot, one round of crf would triple that dps

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