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01-31-2013, 08:41 AM
Guys, Its obvious that as the game stands balancing for PvE (Which is what makes money so its what they currently do) unbalances PvP and while it would take time to change that and balance pvp at a 1v1v1 level and then doing a (much needed) complete rebuild of PvE content is the key to achieving real game balance.

That way you can run a balance where each and every ship is capable of doing the same damage, the same healing, the same CC but in different ways while losing the HUGE end damage gap between DHCs and Beam weapons for example as well as having cruisers with 6 beams causing the same base damage as an escort running 3 DHCs and 2 turrets while unbuffed and having the buffs make the difference on that score. Also having defensive buffs set up based on percentages rather than fixed figures would keep defence balanced (Taking hold immunity out of AP:O and replacing it with a hold resistance would also help facilitate this) meaning that escorts would have to dodge-scort while cruisers sit and take the pounding.

Now I know there are two ways on looking at the above paragraph,
1: Lets make cruisers primary damage dealers and make them tank everything!
Yes it would be taking DPS away from escorts by means of removing their ability to tank while giving cruisers the ability to do more damage

2: Lets give cruisers a more useful and solid role in a combat group
Due to the games lacking the need of a tank the actions suggested above would give cruisers the ability to hang in a fight as well as dealing meaningful damage that would still be outdone by a good escort pilot on his/her damage run, it would also bring them in pvp from a healer that isn't worth trying to kill to something that should be given some attention.

Escorts in that situation would be able to take some fire, albeit less than current, but would rely on their speed to keep them alive while cruisers actually keep things from healing rather than being brushed off by EPtS1 and TT1 along with AtS if they're really good as well as escorts becoming more reliant on burst weaponry to kill their targets as opposed to sitting taking what there is to offer and giving it back with not much more than a yo-yo manoeuvre to keep from getting hurt.

I know I haven't mentioned science yet, the idea here would be to give them exotic damage on all their abilities as well as a buff across the board allowing them to use their powers to deal with their targets and thus (like the others) become more independent, the other thing here would be that attack patterns Alpha and Omega would have to be tweaked to only buff weapon damage rather than all damage in order to facilitate said science buff.

On top of this skills like flow capacitors and power insulators need to be properly balanced against eachother, 6 points of insulators should not negate 9 points of flow caps, Sensors should be balanced against stealth such that a science ship with full sensors skill would see a cloaked ship with full stealth skill by merit of its sensors combined with high aux power but escorts wouldn't get that due to their lower aux and more targeting based sensors and cruisers would need a few sensor probes consoles to pull off such tricks. Cloaking would still give a nice boost to defence though so the chances of getting hit by weapons would be low but high level sci powers would do the trick.

The primary advantages of this are:
1: Each ship and profession would be balanced against one another, as well as skills being balanced against one another
2: If any new consoles or ships are added they only need to be balanced for pvp as that will automatically balance them for pve
3: Science gets its kick back
4: Cruiser pilots stop complaining

Well I personally can't think of any right now