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The Enterprises shape was a whimsy because Roddenberry wanted a flying saucer shape and the only reason it has the configuration we're familiar with is because someone was looking at the artist concept drawings upside down.
While I can't argue that the design is whimsy, I have to call shenanigans on the rest, just for the sake of Star Trek History. According to an interview with Matt Jefferies, who designed the Enterprise (Jefferies Tubes are named in his honor):
Although Roddenberry knew a lot about his ship, he had never visualized it, and consequently made the situation more complicated since he couldn't give Jefferies a detailed sense of direction. According to Jefferies, Roddenberry was absolutely clear to avoid any resemblance to a 1960's rocket ship. "Gene described the 100-150 man crew, outer space, fantastic, unheard-of speed, and that we didn't have to worry about gravity. He had emphasizaed that there were to be no fins, no wings, no smoke trails, no flames, no rocket.
Then for the hull, I didn't really want a saucer because of the term 'flying saucer,' and the best pressure vessel of course is a ball, so I started playing with that. But the bulk got in the way and the ball just didn't work. I flattened it out and I guess we wound up with a saucer!
...and finally...
Gene took it {the original model} by the string and immediately it flopped over, because the birch dowels {nacelles} were heavier! I had an awful time trying to unsell that. And, of course, when our first show hit the air and TV Guide came out, they ran a picture of the ship on the cover, upside down.