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01-31-2013, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by buccaneerdtb View Post
The point is, they shoud be balanced with other races for ground ...Pounce is the most powerful active trait there is, if you think it is weak, have a friend buff it with a full set of Tactical buffs and watch it do over 2,000 damage to a shielded, armored target....
2,000 you say? This I would like to see. The most I've seen out of it ... on crit ... with flank ... with a exploit ... with a science captain buffing mellee damage was 500.

Sure your not thinking of a cyrowave ambush?

Either way that still doesn't answer three issues:

1) Why is that a problem with caitian/fersans instead of general or tactical balance?

2) Why are you comparing "every other race" to one that has no option but to pick only ground traits? Why should a race that can partially or fully specialize in space combat stand toe to toe on the ground with one that has to fully specialize in ground combat?

3) Do you actually use pounce?

Since all Power Cells and Hypos share a cooldown, using a power cell prevents use of a hypo for a global cooldown and can mean certain death. (Unlike Catians, other races have to live with these shared cooldowns all the time.)
See, now that is a answer to a question and better stated then "See! See! All caitians are evil!"

Do you actually use pounce?

1) As for certain death? Please show me how. I have yet to use weapons malfunction and/or fuse armour for a "easy" victory. The most I've done with it so far is just confuse people the first time it's used, or encourage them to run away.

2) That's a foolish move. Being hit with a 10-30 second malfunction root, you've just moved into the one place you absolutely can't escape from, helpless, and with no other options.

3) Fix those other issues, and at most it's going to just stall someone by _maybe_ knocking them back with at most 100 damage. Your still back to being right next to some that can now easily flank you wile your still stuck in a animation, and having done less damage then just shooting back or pulling out a real mellee weapon.

Go to Otha, you will see. In fact ask any feline to demonstrate the power of Pounce. After you respawn, return here and post the results.
I'm sorry you have bad experience with it, but I'm again just going to tell you your misdirecting your rage.

1) First, it's not that easy to use. Charing into a hornets nest is it's own drawback as well.

2) Second, Don't need to. Why is this a issue with the actually ability, and not just a convenient front end for other abilities?

I have two caitians, and a fersans. I've also been on the bad end of it before. I can tell you point blank, your issues with it are it's just the front end of other issues. Remove pounce, and those other issues will just find another fall guy.