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01-31-2013, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by cerritourug View Post
I believe that the cryo gun is one of the major problems of ground PVP. Is a weapon that no armour has resistance and in the hands of a tactical captain can one shot anyone, no matter how mach defence/heals you stack.

If this can be fix, I am sure that it will be a major step for a more compelling ground PVP.
You can survive a cyro pulse ambush, as someone pointed out the engineers have a number of +all resistance balance. Crouch is also +50% dodge, and the elite fleet shield helps once the first burst is over.

... That said, all of those have their own issues and in the case of the medical/shield generator? They're overrun badly as soon as they're noticed they're taken out or negated with a wave of the hand. Believe me, I've tried to make them stick.

The cyropulse thing is way out of hand with it's now common ability to do over 2K damage.