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Originally Posted by xero328 View Post
LOL you want to take a jab at me...Go right ahead. I admit when I make a mistake or two, and try to learn from it and pass along to others. On occasion, I might be able to help prevent others form making the same mistake.

I see that no one has disputed the fact that if there were a larger amount of slots available, that this would probably not be an issue because you wouldn't NEED to delete ships.

If you want to say I feel that I am entitled to it, you'd be wrong. I think that there is an understanding between a player and the company that is a basic agreement. Sort of like cursing on forums...If you go over a line, you are penalized.

Do you think having limits on ship slots is a limitation?
Having a limit causes one to need to delete ships to add new ones.
One could make a mistake and delete the wrong ship.
Having no limit would alleviate the accidental deletion in THIS case.

It doesn't absolve the fact that I deleted two ships. I never disputed that.
They HAPPEN to be token ships.
When viewing them through store, they look no different than zen ones.
It is easy to forget HOW you got them, when you bought SO many over 3 years.

I submit that an icon in the store showing which you bought and how would help. MUST they? Nope. Would it help? Probably. Will people still delete them by accident thinking they are reclaimable? Maybe...But the fact remains that the only reason to delete them is to make room for others...

Which would not be NECESSARY if there was a higher total of slots. And doing so would ACCOMODATE those of us who have SPENT the money on the OTHER ships.
If you check my previous post, you'll find the method to discover which ships you have the opportunity to Reclaim in the C-Store.

Also, as suggested in an earlier post, wouldn't you accomplish more, if you started your own thread about this subject?
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