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01-31-2013, 09:04 AM
This is how I run my MV. I don't have the Fleet version yet, but it should be similar enough.

romulan torps, 3xromulan plasma dual cannons.
omega deflector+engines
maco shield
KCB, Experimental Romulan Beam, romulan plasma turret

EP2S1, A2B1
TSS1, HE2, GW1
TT1, BO2

4x(5x for you) plasma energy consoles
2xromulan threat scaling consoles, part gen + pla
MV console, assimulated module, zero point energy conduit.

Edit: bah I listed those like they were on my mirror MV, but same consoles just I move the MV one to a sci slot in a true MV.

3xTechnician Doffs
1xGrav Well Doff
1xdoff that give you a damage resist bonus on brace for impact and ramming speed, I unfortuneately forget his name

Yes, the experimental beam is on the back there. It allows me to use Plasma Hyperflux to apply the -30 damage resist debuff, and my MV is plenty agile enough to tilt a little bit to the side to fire it off and then immediately back to front-face. Also, I zoom around in Beta Vector most of the time, so having the BO in the back is nice for when I have to fly off to get some breathing room.
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