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01-31-2013, 09:42 AM
Reason why I like my BOP better then a raptor for STFs is I can put out about the same DPS as a raptor in my Hoh'sus, but with the universals I can also use a Lt Cmdr Sci or ENG ability since I usually run Cmdr and Lt Tac. This lets me do things escorts cant do like EWP1 or GW1 but still have way more dps then a sci ship or cruiser. Sci ship isn't really needed for STFs, you just need a Lt Cmdr station for 2 heals and a crowd control ability to be able to support, and BOP does that while still being good DPS to.

I rarely die in any of my BOP in STF, and I have the Heghta, B'rel, and Fleet Hoh'sus. It just has too many tricks up its sleeve for stupid borg to kill it besides getting lucky hits from the 1 shot invisitorp of doom.

B'rel is still one of the best STF ships of all as it easily dispatches tough NPC's on elite within seconds like cubes without even being shot at many times due to being able to fire torps while cloaked and not even appearing for a second when laying mines. Just use tricobalt mines with DPB3 and it can still take out cubes instantly on a crit, or a huge chunk of its health without crits, then romulan plasma torp spam can quickly finish it. A B'rel can EWP or GW all the nanite spheres as they spawn, packing them together for a nice trico mine explosion, sometimes 1 shotting all the nanites before your team even finishes the transformer on ISE.