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01-31-2013, 09:47 AM
When I played League, you'd find that "1 v. 1" scenarios were very common, in a sense: there are three lanes on the map and you're (typically) assigned one of them to "guard", with the opposing team doing likewise.

However, the game was balanced completely around the team effort (which is why the spectator mode tracks total team gold accumulated), and particularly at high levels of play people would make decisions for the best of the team rather than trying to single-handedly act the hero.

That said, there is a duelling system of sorts in such a heavily team-oriented game... but that's the catch. Your champ choice (equivalent to a ship in STO) was not arbitrary and it wasn't "balanced"; you intentionally wanted to cripple your opponent by choosing whatever directly countered him. So for example, if you see they've chosen a melee hero, you go ranged and kite them to death. As a general rule of thumb, the 1 v. 1 lanes are decided at champ selection but a game can be turned around by a strong team effort.

I think Hilbert's original response is possibly the most insightful so far. In SC, you are duelling in a sense, but it's wildly different to the STO experience because you're not locked into your "ship type" at the start of the game, meaning you have much more room to adjust your tactics on the go. Players are also given the full range of equipment to use because each race is (at least Blizzard hopes) more or less equivalent. With a class-based MMO that's really just not possible.

As an aside, I do think it's feasible to make a duel-oriented MMO if that's what's desired. You'd likely end up with everyone fielding the exact same tanky-DPS min-maxed hybrid builds, but it could be done. However I don't believe it would scale well with team play at all.

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