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My main gripe with PvP, and possibly with the system as a whole, is the general disparity between defense and offense. A cruiser with 5 eng slots can not slot them all with resistance consoles because of diminishing returns.
This is not actually true, and it's not your fault at all (intuitively I thought the same thing when I first started toying around with resistance).

A good opportunity is here for me to make a very simple request that (if Jesse is to be believed) the devs are already on board and thinking about carrying out:

Tooltips need a complete overhaul. Both as developers and as players, we need to know just what exactly each stat, skill and item in the game does. In OPvP a dev agreed with me that the quality of in-game information was poor and often confusing.

For what it's worth, I think such a planned change could be easier to sell to the higher-ups than others, because tooltips/in-game info isn't a PvP-exclusive issue.

vids and guides and stuff

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