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01-31-2013, 10:09 AM
Remember, we're discussing KDF here, not feds. KDF cruisers are beasts my friend. And I know you have them so that isn't news to you I'm sure. KDF cruiser being beasty.

Once you start moving the BoP away from a pure Tac layout and pushing it towards anything else....those anything else ships start to look like better choices. So take away the extra Tac and you have a KDF cruiser with a GREAT turn rate and GREAT speed and like no hull. So where the KDF cruiser could just keep pounding away, potentially the BoP needs to scoot away for a bit to heal. So there's a big tradeoff that a BoP makes by doing those sorts of things that cruisers or scis are built to do.

It may not SEEM significant, but it is there. I don't really think you need to precisely measure it, I think it's enough to say "if I take myself out of the game for 30 seconds to heal up or cloak or manuever every couple of minutes" that's a pretty good chunk of damage just not being done. As opposed to a cruiser. That will just keep doing it.

Again, not saying you CAN"T do it. Just saying that gee if u need a hammer, and you have a hammer, use a hammer, and not the wrong end of a screwdriver.

That B'rel trick really is a B'rel trick and what can anyone say? Someday that will get patched into never never land.

Cheers happy flying!

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