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Pounce (Caitian/Feresian Ground Active)

Note that this power benefits from a tactical officer's superbuff, and does NOT consume the Ambush buff. (You can ambush Pounce, then ambush Lunge, then ambush your shot, on the same Ambush.)
Quoted to make sure it does not get lost in all the posts. This is a problem with Lunge and Pounce. Grenades also work the same way.
Lost? No, My problem isn't with that.

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Feline Instincts/Predatory Instincts ... Caitian/Feresian ... Jump height ... non-Caitians .... Feresians ... Caitians ... Caitian ... Feline/Predatory Caitian/Feresian ... Caitians and Feresians ...

Solution: Put Pounce on a shared cooldown with Lunge. Make it an Expose attack. Increase its cooldown to 1 minute. Reduce its damage by 50%.
My problem is that logic is:

There is a problem tactical officers or game balance in general, therefor -instead of fixing that- take it out on all caitians.

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