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01-31-2013, 10:29 AM
Okay, to summarize the actual arguments (apart from the usual forum PvP (including namecalling), side remarks and unavoidable thread drift) for balancing around a given team size:

  • "All 1v1 situations on the game are just because people left the vicinity of their team."
  • "Testing powers for a 1v1 system tells you nothing of value when those powers then arrive in a 5v5 system. If you want to balance around 1v1, then there can be no teaming mode - which would just be sad and ridiculous." (Could anyone flesh out this claim?)
  • "[...] you end up with a 'draw' between two generalized ships, where neither ship can defeat the other, or you end up with a match between two specialized ships such that one is the 'hard counter' to the other, and the fight only ever can go one way. [...] 1v1 right now has these same problems [it is not] possible to fix them [...] without totally destroying team play [...]"
  • "[...] every single reason why NOT balancing for 1v1 is functionally an argument in favor of 5v5 [...]"
  • "[...] there are mechanics in team situations (2v2 and higher) that are completely non-existent in 1v1: cross-healing, focus fire, target switches.[...]"

Did I miss any thing? Then please add it.
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