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Originally Posted by resoundingenvoy View Post
That is just one 'proposed' solution. The recool with Lunge is going to happen and only affects Tacs. The exploit to expose would affect all professions and I do not endorse that specific change. Borticus is not asking for solutions. He wants us to point out the balance concerns.

Covert trait is not a Cat specific problem, but it causes a lot of problems by allowing a player to stay cloaked 100% of the time and cannot be uncloaked with sensor scan. Using Tactical Initiative, Operative kit, Omega set cloak, shroud Generaters, Ambush cloak, it is possible to remain invisible and untargetable while continuously attacking and 1-shotting opponents. The frost boots allow a cloaked player to negate the movement penalty.

The current OP ground PvP build = Catian/Ferasion Covert, Pounce chained with Lunge, Cloak kit with Omega cloak, Cryo pulsewave. Player remains invisible, has a weapon that negates armor resistance, has 2 chainable exploit attacks that put him at point blank range for maximum pulsewave damage, has Doffs to stun opponent on melee and increase crits on melee. These travel in packs and so share Tactical Initiatives and stack Omega dodge bonuses. You cannot shoot back or debuff them unless they make a mistake and uncloak for a second. Sonic pulse is negated by willpower and does nothing to stop an attack. Neural Neutralizer has a delay that allows a player to kill you before it activates. Non-covert cloaking can be seen at close range, covert cloaking cannot.

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