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Originally Posted by mrtshead View Post
You seem to think there's no problem scaling that up to a 5v5, and you would be right, IF all ships targeted different opponents.
This brings up an interesting point: It seems clear that as the number of participants in the battle increases, the more focused fire dominates the field and any individual participant becomes far less relevant.

Of course, for some odd reason, on the show, focus fire is relatively rare. There's gotta be a reason for this, right? It can't just be that the people on the show are tactical morons. Perhaps some mechanic at work discourages excessive use of focus fire? Perhaps such a thing would encourage a tendency towards 5v5 being more of a brawl and less of an exercise in focus firing on a single target until it dies...

I know Sins implemented a mechanic that was intended to discourage this, but it wasn't entirely successful.