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Originally Posted by guglif View Post
Forgot to ask
If my opponent uses sweeping strikes etc, I've heard they put him in an animation lock. Any hint about how to get profit from this little lock? Maybe if I roll left I could shot him in his back
The only real way to take advantage of an animation lock is to hit him hard and hit him fast, hopefully killing him before he can use his hypo. Or if you're in serious trouble, look for a corner to go around to take a breather, heal up, or wait for a hypo to come off cooldown.

Any ground player who knows what they're doing is using RPG mode, and if he's attacking you with sweeping strikes, he's got you targeted and will follow you. Getting a flank off of that will come down to latency and how bad your opponent's computer is (I've noticed I'm not getting flanked by people I'm targetting now that I'm not at 3 fps). You'll never get around latency is you roll, which will lock you from firing as well.
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