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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
That's not balance. That's homogenization. Most of the other bits didn't even make much sense. Even the ones that did make some sort of sense were at odds with the above statement. You can't have everyone the same and then give certain groups certain roles and special abilities. See how that works? You need it one way or the other.
I can't argue with that.

Oh and I know you put...."in different ways" into that statement. Meaningless as it was you did include it. It's meaningless because it makes no sense. And how exactly will a cruiser do the same burst damage as an escort? Or will we reduce the burst damage of an escort down to the level of what a cruiser can do? How exactly do we make an escort heals equal to a cruisers? And then make it percentage based as well? And suppose they use that heal on a different ship?
As BAs would get their power drain fixed so they don't murder themselves cruisers would have the power to sit there and cause pain while the escort was out not getting killed while the escorts make up for their damage downtime in burst damage; the way I think it was designed before F2P, They wouldn't be bringing a ship up to one level or the other down to the level of the first ship rather meeting somewhere in the middle. I know this will lead to complaints of cruisers online but so long as the escorts and cruisers are balanced against eachother (as per when F2P stared) it should not be a problem, escort burst damage will still be the most powerful out there and the captain type will be more the deciding factor.

I admit I didn't totally think the whole healing thing out and overall that would give science the overall advantage in healing power, the percentages would be based on the targets max stats and boosted by the user's aux power meaning an escort could heal as well as a cruiser at the cost of damage just as a sci could focus on damage at the cost of sci powers and how cruisers would make the same choice though I see them then picking the middle of the road as a BA drain fix would make that possible.

So there was a lot of stuff in your post but there's a lot of conflict.

And 1 v 1 does not ever scale upwards unless off course we're talking identical ships and/or they are the only two ship/player types in the game. So there is that little bit you need to account for.
Theoretically the balance changes I've laid out here would make all ship types roughly equal with each being slightly better in a given area; Escorts having more tac boffs making them deal more damage in a given run, cruisers being jacks of all trades with a slight edge in the engineering spectrum and science having an edge in the science area of things but all being essentially equal until you add a captain and boff skills and choose your specialism with each option making you weaker to the opposite.

Thanks for picking that apart, I confess I was short on time typing it so I probably didn't think it through completely, I also didn't have time to proof read it. I hope I have cleared things up somewhat.
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