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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Oh hey look the Raptor has every ability that the BoP does just MORE of it. Gee guess I'll prefer my BoP.

C'mon now. You can say you prefer it, but don't think to yourself that it is even equal to a Raptor for STF work. And certainly don't say it here.

And as far as playing it a bit SCI heavy, sure you can. Just if you put the TAC option in there you can actually just kill the stuff without need for SCI cc.

I'm not saying you HAVE to do it. Just saying some options are measurably better than others. Plus I mean, why wouldn't you want to put out 100% for your team with your ship choice? In a normal there's a LOT of room for shennanigans, but in Elite you may want to put away the toys for a bit.

All in all have fun and keep shooting the bad guys!! Just some bop and raptor stfs and stuff. I have done them. Just raptor really is better than the BoP.
I've run Raptors in STF, I've run Battlecruisers in STF, and I keep going back to my BoPs (except on my Sci, who's got a Kar'fi...).

So, let us look at why:

1. any firearms instructor will tell you that it doesn't matter how big your gun is, or how many features it's got, it's how comfortable you are with it and how well you use it. In videogames/MMO's this translates into a phrase known as "Playing style"-the animation/toon one is most comfortable using, even if it is NOT statistically the best possible option.

2. a lot of people aren't happy jumping from hull-to-hull all the time. a BoP doesn't require you to run to the shipyard between STF, PvP, or storyline/featured missions. For players who do NOT have three years' worth of gear banked up prior to S7 on every toon they own, the choice of a single hull (whatever hull it is) means not having to waste limited minutes (yes, some of us can't spend 8-16 hours/day on the game mastering every possible hull config) switching the deflector/engines/shields/weapons/Bridge stations to have the "Optimum" build for each individual task. a BoP is a generalist in the true sense-you can change its entire role-set (sci, eng/support, tac) between respawns.

Raptors, by contrast, are nothing but DPS machines with a handling issue, with fixed bridge officer stations that pre-set to a specific kind and style of play. Battlecruisers are...well...cruisers, with the limited Tac stations of cruisers, limited sci stations of KDF Battlecruisers, etc. etc.

3. BoPs are actually fun to fly. It's that whole turn-rate thing-it handles, unlike the "proper Escorts" or Raptors, (well, escorts minus the rickokulusly OP Jem bug, anyway), it's got turn-rate and turn-around rate, making it appropriate as a "universal" ship you can finish the Elite STF in, then turn around and go play C&H or Arenas in. You're not Only-good-in-ideal-conditions.
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