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01-31-2013, 11:09 AM
Make some alternative projects for the Embassy/Fleet base where we spend some of the excess mats that are almost useless now.

Example: Fleet base library, deposit datachips for X fleetmarks

Either raise the daily Dilithium cap or lower the current dili-sinks

We seriously need some better endgame activities, farming is pretty boring for all and to keep the playerbase endgame activities is vital.

your best hope for this game is that players becomes friends and enjoy doing stuff together.

Example: X fleet members groups up and sign up for a trip (could be hunting/scanning/exploring/Search and rescue etc) and get a random generated mission
The missions will not be anything they have tried before and they must work together to solve it

Remember that, when players are having fun you can get away with even more lockbox/zen-store shenannigans

Thats my current 3 wishes

Best regards