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Originally Posted by buccaneerdtb View Post
Do you even ground PvP at all?

Strike Team +40% all damage - Targeting Optics +40% damage - Ambush +150% damage - Fire on my mark -40% resistance - Battle Strategies +25% damage

That is a Tactical Buff with the Operative kit. The Romulan Kit adds Motion Accelerater to all that.
The same Tac can be buffed by a Physician on top of all the Tac buffs.
Pounce does about 450-500 damage superbuffed, depending on build. It can supercrit thanks to stacking Security Officer doffs and tac buffs to about 1500, although 1000 is more probable. Exploit damage further increases this by an unknown calculation, but about 50% experimentally, give or take a wide margin of error. Further damage comes from stacking dr debuffs.

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