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# 3 Post-Maintainance Issues
01-31-2013, 01:01 PM
Getting a lot of post maintainance issues. Chiefly, the following;
  • Intense lag during area switching, including "Server not responding" messages.
  • Unable to properly load saved costumes. When I attempted to load my full Wells outfit, the game loaded up the first items in each list (Antares 1 and AGT pants) instead.
  • Fleet window not loading/updating properly and error messages claiming i'm not in a fleet.
  • Following the completion of Temporal Ambassador, I successfully recieved my Ambassador boxes. However, despite being awarded the "Yesterday's Enterprise" Uniform, the Uniform has not shown up in my Tailor options. There is now an option for "Jacket Tight - Armoured". However, there are no options available and it uses the Temporal Jumpsuit as the default item of clothing with a strange sash over the top. EDIT: Ignore this. It appears what is meant by "Yesterday's Enterprise Uniform" is the Sash and Belt.

The fleet window option corrected itself whilst I was writing this, but there is still area switching lag/non-responsiveness.

EDIT: Attempting to get to Tau Dewa. I've gon ESD->Sol System->Fleet Starbase->Sol System (my bad). So far, i've had "Server not responding for at least 60s for every switch.
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