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01-31-2013, 12:11 PM
I'd like to elaborate on your list and add to it as well as note how the rather often patching rarely, if ever, addresses any of the most important issues. Reading the patch notes from today, I see minor weapons "updates" and nonsense that affects very few players while the most important bugs that plague everyone daily are swept under the rug.

*"All" search on exchange: How many times have you had to explain to someone not to use 'all' because prices will not show correctly? This is either a) intentional and devised for some purpose we are unaware of. or b) an issue that is simply "too much work" to fix. Either way, it is a constant nuisance to nearly all players at some time or another. Why do minor weapon modifications surpass this on list of things to do? Sure there are plenty of other exchange bugs (and the list keeps getting bigger, not shorter) but this is the most annoying of all. Secondly so because certain items such as CXP bonus pools cannot be found under any category.

*Tholian Red Alert: Annoying yes, important no. Disable the darn thing till you fix it already.

*ADDITION, Tau/Mining "radiation sickness" bug. Anyone who mines dilithium (further encouraged by new Dominion box claims) has heard about or experienced it. Forcing you to restart the game after scanning for radiation in New Romulus will make it impossible to mine dilithium. Since S7, numerous patches have come and gone with no fix.

*ADDITION, The most important, frustrating, wide spread of all bugs ever... The equiped shuttle craft bug: Not only can you not be correctly identified as flying your current ship but shields/engines will not display the proper stats, making buying/equiping proper ones nearly impossible. THIS IS A FUNDAMENTAL PART OF THE GAME. Knowing which engines have what turn rate or what shield has what capacity beforehand for your CURRENT ship is absolutely one of the most important aspects of space combat. (I even heard one player say he deleted his shuttles to remedy and it worked for either his FED or KDF but not the other, giving even THAT a 50/50 success rate.)

*ADDITION, The Borg Proc: Does it work? Will it? won't it? Why is it there if it doesn't? Do something about it please.

It seems the only stuff that gets "fixed" is stuff that makes things even more difficult or take away some advantage. Rechargable shield batteries can no longer be obtained, Trading in DoFFs now costs and arm and a leg in precious dilithium, Extra abilities were removed from tray IMMEDIATELY after S7 started during FIRST patch, etc. But knowing which engine to buy for your ship.... meh, who cares?

I'm sure these issues have been addressed in other posts but my real point is the updates/patches never fix the REAL problems in the game. It's always take away something or new content or minor issues with specific items/maps. Am I the only one that notices this....?