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01-31-2013, 12:13 PM
Same for us KDF. Server took 90+ seconds to respond before I could play WHILE I was logging in. That was just the first thing I encountered as I logged in... obviously a bad harbinger. Changing maps/zones also had the same massive amount of lag/server not responding. Entering the Q'onos System took about 70 seconds for server to respond. On top of that, a fleet member of mine is unable to open the bank. I don't think this is isolated: other members in my fleet are reporting lots of lag doing virtually anything, and in the sector zone, other people were asking publicly if it was "just me, or is this lag happening to you guys..."

The lag/server not responding is TERRIBLE all of a sudden. If I were playing STO for the first time right now, this is so frustrating I wouldn't want to give this game a chance. I would just log off and not come back.