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Palmer's tolerance comes from the remembrance that she would have been expelled from the Academy in her Senior year due to disciplinary issues arising after her Midshipman cruise, and it was only the then Captain Kane mentoring her and making her an acting Ensign, which saved her Starfleet career.
Is this story written somewhere to read?

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Equally, it comes from the fact that Mitchell was speaking the truth with regards cultural tolerance in uniform variations. Had he simply been lying and feeding her a line of BS, she would have put him out the airlock herself Of course, how the application is received, will determine how long the Ensign remains at the helm
This is where i thought you (she) was coming from. There IS value in being upfront and honest with superiors. He also asked for "permission to speak freely" so Palmer kinda asked for it. Still, even with his honesty she could have overrode any personal value Mitchell expressed for the sake of unity and command.

So he better be awesome and back up those words with action or hsi crew quarters may end up on the other side of the hull.

Heh, not really, but you know what I mean.

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