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01-31-2013, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by eulifdavis View Post
I did read the thread. In fact, I previously posted in it, prior to BranFlakes. Maybe you need a little reading comprehension.

I was lamenting over the fact that I can neither work on my personal reputation, nor work on my fleet projects while this server is under incredible strain. It was a subtle hint to Cryptic that maybe they should beef up the reputation-tracking server(s).
My reading comprehension is just fine, thanks. Maybe you should learn to appreciate history - as in this happens every time a new featured episode comes along. Probably even more so this time with it featuring a voiced TNG character.

The guy (bran) explained what the problem was and that it would resolve itself in a bit. You just come across as whiney and petulant by continuing to complain after your problem was replied to.

But hey, whatever. Apparently, acting like a grown-up is hard.