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01-31-2013, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by eulifdavis View Post
Apparently it isn't, since you still didn't COMPREHEND what you READ.

Reputation and/or project lag isn't "old hat", this is the FIRST TIME this has come up after a major patch. Personal reputation didn't exist prior to that, and starbase projects were stable in previous patches because there was MUCH LESS DATA to send to every player logging in. They're using the same systems, and therefore the same server(s), to handle all this "project" data, so the much increased load thanks to personal projects is to blame.

Also, how does pointing out an additional, previously unmentioned flaw come across as whining? No one was aware of it, so I was the first to mention it. It was a "hey, there's other problems too" notification, not an immediate demand for action. Or was it the use of the --> <-- smilie that makes you think it was whining?

And yes, acting like a "grown-up" is hard, since it's not the same thing as acting like an adult.
In fairness, I shouldn't have said you were whining - but you have to admit - whining is an STO forum past time.

And I'm pretty sure it isn't the amount of project data in itself that is the problem - its the extremely high number of players all simultaneously asking for the data that is the problem. Before the fleet projects or reputation tiers, we had this exact same lag and server timeout on map transfers every FE series release.

I'm more surprised that anyone expected this occasion to be somehow different than its been for the last three years.