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# 1 Looking for a long term home
01-31-2013, 01:42 PM
Hello to all,

I recently returned after several months away in order to see season 7 and the upcoming anniversary event. After playing through season 7 I have found myself once again hooked, to the point that I have become a gold member after 3yrs of playing. I also made the choice to start completely fresh with an engineering character who will be strictly tank built.

As expected friends that played the game have come and gone and I find myself alone in the world of STO, it's not quite the same as you can understand. As such I am looking for a new fleet who has just recently started but who have long term aims and actual goals to back up their expectations. I am not interested in joining an already established fleet with hundreds of members, I much prefer a small roster where bonds are closely formed. Ideally a mix of UK players must be in the fleet so as there's activity to suit my time zone. I am not interested in PvP/RP fleets though.

As already stated I have played since release and have multiple 50s with end content items so will be able to add something positive to the fleet I join. I'm also a whizz with website building should that be needed.

Would really appreciate some responses that match the above information. I can ofc be found in game on @ashalfa, well once the event lag is sorted and I stop running around aimlessly in circles.