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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I've posted about this before and I can't for the life of me find it via search. However, there's still a good, succinct explanation here. What it essentially comes down to is that the original game designers already anticipated people stacking multiple sources of armor, so they prevented runaway leaks due to the exponential nature of resistance (for example, if you have 50% resist and you add a console that gives another 10%, it's actually reducing the incoming damage you receive by 20%).
The formula in that blog yields similar results to the DR formula (, which is what the in-game ship profile window tells me. If I go for 5x Neutronium (5x 20), in-game data will surely show me close to 50% resistance to everything, which is about in line with both the formula in that blog and the DR formula in the wiki. Hence it doesn't change things much from what I currently see in-game. So, if this is correct, then the in-game information is also correct. BUT...

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Iirc it basically goes as follows:

1x10% resist console

100 incoming damage -> 90

2 x 10% resists console

100 incoming damage -> 90 (100-10) -> 81 (90-9)

Instead of 10x2 = 20, then 100-20=80

What I don't know is if you have say 36 % console vs 2x18%

64 vs

82 - (82x.18)=67.24

In otherwords it seems it's better to have 1 high Kinetic resist + 1 high Energy rather than multiple lower ones.
... if this is correct instead, then it's indeed better to equip one Monotanium and one energy-based hull armor/plating instead of two Neutroniums. This yields lower final numbers (greater damage reduction), for example, a +80 resistance from consoles (2x Monotanium) would take 1000 kinetic damage down to 360, which is definitely better than the DR formula.

Bottom line: I've been space PvP'ing as an Engineer only to be told that we're not that useful. I tank well in PvP, but I believe I should tank better. By tanking, I draw attention away from my squishy teammates, preventing them to be killed and the team getting negative points. My ship is also a great hull healer, both for self and allies, so when I'm not tanking, I'm cross-healing, and it usually saves teammates from death more than not. Even so, I also believe that I should heal better. I'm having a hard time working with my limited skills for healing and tanking while tactical and science captains have powerful skills that increase damage or debuff stats (respectively) into oblivion, while tanking is restrained by diminishing returns (or "percentage resistances" if you must) and cross healing is limited compared to what other specializations get.