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Bottom line: I've been space PvP'ing as an Engineer only to be told that we're not that useful. I tank well in PvP, but I believe I should tank better. By tanking, I draw attention away from my squishy teammates, preventing them to be killed and the team getting negative points. My ship is also a great hull healer, both for self and allies, so when I'm not tanking, I'm cross-healing, and it usually saves teammates from death more than not. Even so, I also believe that I should heal better. I'm having a hard time working with my limited skills for healing and tanking while tactical and science captains have powerful skills that increase damage or debuff stats (respectively) into oblivion, while tanking is restrained by diminishing returns (or "percentage resistances" if you must) and cross healing is limited compared to what other specializations get.
I completely respect your desire to play a crucial team role, and you seem to have a very clear-sighted and well-informed view on just how to do that and how the game's played. However, I have to say you might be in the minority if you're of the opinion that Engie healers have limited tanking/heal options. The amount of healing and help that a good Engie healer alone can throw around make a team with two or more virtually impenetrable.

I do agree with the popular belief that Engies have a quite narrow focus due to their lack of castable Cap powers. However, as things stand, the strength of the Engie is that he's completely self-sufficient; you can throw around more heals because you yourself aren't nearly as dependent on your own bridge officer layout.

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