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Originally Posted by tk79 View Post
Bottom line: I've been space PvP'ing as an Engineer only to be told that we're not that useful. I tank well in PvP, but I believe I should tank better.
Ok, a couple of things.

1) How resistances are calculated are probably one of the least important things to a Engineer in a (what I assume is) Cruiser.

2) The problem with Engineers in PvP is not that they are unable to tank, the problem is that how much incoming fire one specific target can tank is irrelevant.

The reason it's irrelevant is because it doesn't matter if one guy who has low damage capabilities is invincible, because the other team will just focus fire on your weaker link team mates.

The problem with Engineers is that they bring nothing to the table in the way of setting up kills (Sci) or finishing kills (Tac) - and some of their best career abilities are self only.

They are self-sufficient as Shim says, and that lets them use more of their heals for others.

But it's not tanking that they have issues with (they don't have issues with tanking).

Originally Posted by tk79 View Post
By tanking, I draw attention away from my squishy teammates, preventing them to be killed and the team getting negative points.
I can't imagine this will happen against a competent team, they will ignore, disrupt or marginalize you while they kill your teammates.

Originally Posted by tk79 View Post
My ship is also a great hull healer, both for self and allies, so when I'm not tanking, I'm cross-healing, and it usually saves teammates from death more than not. Even so, I also believe that I should heal better.
Now you've hit the bullseye.

I believe Engineers should heal better too, and I believe that MW and RSF should be usable on others as the first starting point to help Engineers add more value to teams than they do now.

Originally Posted by tk79 View Post
while tanking is restrained by diminishing returns (or "percentage resistances" if you must)
Again, this part isn't important.

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