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My problem with "fail-PUGs" is not really an inept or inexperienced player or two - or more. It is players who either chose to ignore Team Chat - or who deactivated it. While I may not know the best ways to complete Elite ground STFs, I do know a few that work. Seeing the group fail utterly despite the best efforts is one thing. Seeing it fail because a few select players prefer to actively botch any attempt is another.

Reminds me of the Leeroy Jenkins school of tactics - and ground STFs in STO do require much less cooperative gameplay.
Ignoring communications is by far the worst way for a match to inevitably fail.

I've been in a few PUGs with newbies who were willing to communicate (one had the courage to ask for help). The veterans keep in constant contact with them throughout the match, and I chipped in some advice too. We managed to get the optional with five minutes to spare.

Anecdotal story is anecdotal, but a team with mediocre DPS and good coordination generally does better than teams with one or two high DPS players but no real strategy (particularly in ISE where popping a generator before the others are ready usually brings in a whole world of hurt).

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