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01-31-2013, 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Nah they have acknowledged it by saying "we can't reproduce it".

I am just wondering at which point the supposedly "60 % saved time" is over the line.

I said many times this IS a huge issue for anyone who remembers old stf was killed entirely under the parole of "saved time".

... and here we are throwing it out the window.

However to me it's basically down to are they even able to fix it at all at any point :/

They have to both fix the problem for the people who are already dealing with plus prevent if from happening to others who might not be t5.
It's just odd they didn't consider not everyone either had everything or needed to get everything.
Of course there are bound to be hybrids out there missing either a optional or a armor piece - I think they even mentioned those people in their own blog saying "for those who couldn't get that last piece".
Maybe there just wasn't enough time, I don't know.

Just unlucky is all - I have this bug on all characters I play (except 1 that had all optionals and armor pre s.7) and unfortunately the optional armor is what I want them to wear.
Well it shouldnt be a problem to reproduce for them, Take a new toon on there internal server. Cap it on the reputation, Do the Reputation mission and see the problem. Nothing to hard about it. they can then fix it by editing the item granted to players to INCLUDE the missing tailor items. Hell, Run a new style #5 with all the items and unlock it that way for people that are missing it. The People with pre S7 gear missing items could get refunded the same way. Or make a quest to hand in said item that doesnt work and grant people a new item for it from a quest line. Other mmos did this before its not to hard to do. Alas. Seeing as there is not even an official responce from CSR or a Dev on the forums here. I doubt they care to much about it. Its a vanity item afterall. Sadly thats one of the main reasons I stay around, the vanity items. Since lets face it. Running the STF's all day isnt everything. And other content isnt really existing :/ But still here is hoping for a patch sooner or later. And please before S8 or The "may" content that is being shipped out :/