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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
I've been running Jack Squat in the I.K.S. Swagless as a toon without rep gear or passives, although I did put him in the fleet Norgh. Honestly I kind of gave up and started doing the radiation scan grind for rom marks while waiting for a match because I kept feeling like if I put my other tac with 3 crit consoles, rep +crit, rom doffs, blah blah blah that I'd be popping more feds immediately.

It would be fun on a level playing field, but I'm freaking awful at actually showing up to pew on appointment unless it's after my kids are asleep. I can't promise availability for actual tournaments but I can promise a toon to help you start a fleet that I'll keep to the restrictions.
Man I'd be in a fleet with you anytime.I'm glad to know that you're still here. & I'm not as interested in pewing on schedule, I've got 2 daughters myself.I'd just like to be able to hop on & pew using what cryptic gave us before PW turned PVP into P2W. Hell, I'd be willing to play ANY game without doffs, set gear & romrep dropbox BS & ect. STO turned me off after I checked my bank records & found I'd sunk over $500 into the game & they wanted me to pay even more to pew. Seriously, I'm sick of that buisness model, & have gone back to playing civ5 & total war to avoid the money trap. I'd love to get back to STO if there where enough people who where as sick of the dropbox BS as I am.
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