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01-31-2013, 02:27 PM
Originally Posted by solomace View Post
Lol, I love how when a "defender" of the game whines, it's not whining, but when someone is not happy and posts about it, it is.

Granted some posts go other the top (done a few myself), however to say that people who don't like various aspects of the game and post why are whiners, well it joins the list of things the defenders always bring out in their posts.

1. It's free, so don't have any right to diss the game.
2. It's a small team.
3. You don't have to pay a penny to play.
4. At least the Devs talk to us.
5. All games have grind.
6. I'm sick of people whining.

What's worse about your particular "whine" is that it was ranty too.

Check out the various definitions of whine. The one I like best is - To complain or protest in a childish fashion, but their are various ones and I think most people who post whine in some shape or fashion or have done.

I'm not sure what is more laughable, you rushing onto the forums to defend Cryptic or that you cannot see that your original post was a whine... See what I did there m8...
Actualy i'm not your 'm8', i dont even know you so that is impossible.

1. Ofcourse you can diss the game as much as you want, and so far that has brought you what?
2. What team? Dev team?
3. You dont.
4 They do, they probably do that at other MMO's also.
5. Yup.
6. Nope, i'm not, just dont understand how ungrateful people can be, especially when something is for free.

Yes that is what "whine" usually means, nice of you that you needed to look it up.
I could have said that "you" i'm using that word losely here, are spoilt pampered brats and ungrateful ones on that.
What is laughable is that you take fact as a whine and then whine about it.

So, how much do you get for free in your life?
You computer?
MS Windows?
Food every day?

Well if "you" are a kid, the obvious answer is yes for most of the Q's there.
And if you do get something, your mom and dad has probably taught you how to say "thank you" for what you get...
And, you are a grown up, you should still remember it.

And no, i am not running in here and trying to protect Cryptic.
They dont need me for that, their system of use is alot better, they just ignore the whiners.

I like the game, i know it is not perfect (find an mmo that is), but i like it and i play it.
I also use the forums to read the news, tips and tricks and to get some helpful hints on game play.