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01-31-2013, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
Man I'd be in a fleet with you anytime.I'm glad to know that you're still here. & I'm not as interested in pewing on schedule, I've got 2 daughters myself.I'd just like to be able to hop on & pew using what cryptic gave us before PW turned PVP into P2W. Hell, I'd be willing to play ANY game without doffs, set gear & romrep dropbox BS & ect. STO turned me off after I checked my bank records & found I'd sunk over $500 into the game & they wanted me to pay even more to pew. Seriously, I'm sick of that buisness model, & have gone back to playing civ5 & total war to avoid the money trap. I'd love to get back to STO if there where enough people who where as sick of the dropbox BS as I am.
I wouldn't want to even look at what I've spent. But I know it's not as much as some. But I don't care for all the fancy lobi toys. If I can't buy it on the exchange or do a stupid PVE mission for it, I can play without it.

I work this evening but will be around afternoon/evening on Friday. I sent you the TS/Vent info where I frequent so catch up soon dude!
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