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01-31-2013, 02:40 PM
Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Really? You felt the need to post this just to agree with what I said? Or did you just not understand what I said?

And it isn't 'statistically better'. Raptors are measurably, and easily so, better than BOP's in STF's. Just because someone sucks in a raptor or cant seem to drive one for some reason doesn't say a thing about the Raptor. It says something about the player. So don't go making this into something it isn't. If you in particular find basing urself next to the ship selector for the limited time you may be playing, well that's up to you. You'd need to poll about a thousand people before you could apply that to anyone else. If you don't believe that, look it up.
That was coming from someone who always bashes the Bortasqu too and thinks it sucks just because he doesn't know how to pilot it properly, so take his opinions with a grain of salt. He also obviously doesn't know about the Somraw/ Fleet Somraw and how it doesn't have the pivot issues of the Qin. But even with pivot issues Qin is still great in STFs, just has trouble keeping up with escorts sometimes in pvp.