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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
That was coming from someone who always bashes the Bortasqu too and thinks it sucks just because he doesn't know how to pilot it properly, so take his opinions with a grain of salt. He also obviously doesn't know about the Somraw/ Fleet Somraw and how it doesn't have the pivot issues of the Qin. But even with pivot issues Qin is still great in STFs, just has trouble keeping up with escorts sometimes in pvp.
I mean, PVE and PVP I've sorta gone out of my way to make vids showing how to gear a ship with no dilithium needed, no special sets from grinding needed, just common gear. And showing how all the endgame stuff is reachable by anyone. I'm certainly not the guy saying you can't do it, or that you need special sooper gear or training. Sure a little sense and sure some things are better than others but beyond that if the mission get done and you had fun I'd certainly call it win win.

And since you brought it up.......although I'd hate to get TO FAR off topic....

BUDGET BORTAS! to do things really cheap now that your stuck with a big chubby ship!! (that cost a bunch)

But really the lessons inside there go for any ship. There are many cheap alternatives for anyone to use.

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