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01-31-2013, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by rinkster View Post
Indeed, but those sums have trickled into Cryptics coffers in a fairly random way.

Life time subs and monthly subs are a more stable revenue stream, allowing Cryptic to make decisions that require cash in a more sensible way.

Personally I've dropped about as much money on the game as I would have done for an Lts.

However, instead of the perks I would get for that, i got other things. Zen, which turned into things like cool ships, keys, respecs, etc.

My point is, that priority login has always been in the shop window, alongside many other things we could buy. Us FTp players who have spent money have just chosen to buy other things. We cant complain when we dont get the benefit of something we were offered but declined to buy, surely?
So what are you complaining about. You should be happy to be F2P and dont criticize those who "really pay the bills". You are here because of the rest of sub/LTS paid for it originally...please respect others if you want to be respected as well...look at others F2P models that went bust (SWOTR)...we only ask what is fair and getting priority queue is not a right but something that is owed to us since the inception of this game