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01-31-2013, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by kajofolf View Post
New Accolades for Temporal Ambassador

Category "General Accolades":

  • Alternate Allies (10) - Talked to everyone in an alternate timeline.
  • Dead Jim (10) - Found a lost explorer in an alternate timeline.
  • Everyone Remember Where We Parked (10) - Fully explore the Maintenance Tunnels in the Tholian work camp.
  • Now You C Me (10) - Take in the glory of Enterprise-C during your escape from the Tholians.
  • Temporal Treasure Hunting (10) - My souvenir from an alternate timeline.
  • The Wisest Tribble (10) - Found and consulted The Wisest Tribble in an alternate timeline.
  • Celebration: Year Three! (100) - Successfully investigate the Anomaly in the Azure Nebula.

Add "Don't Quite Your Day Job" - Try your best not to free the Enterprise-C from the tholian work camp (assign allies to tasks they do not mention in their specialties).