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Originally Posted by crusader2007 View Post
So what are you complaining about. You should be happy to be F2P and dont criticize those who "really pay the bills". You are here because of the rest of sub/LTS paid for it originally...please respect others if you want to be respected as well...look at others F2P models that went bust (SWOTR)...we only ask what is fair and getting priority queue is not a right but something that is owed to us since the inception of this game
This game is NOT Free-to-Play. It's Pay-to-Play with an option to play Free. NO game is truly F2P as long as it maintains a Sub model.

Take your own advice, and don't crap on those who choose the F2P route. Those of us who did still contribute a fair amount of cash to this game, some in excess of the $300 those of you who cry havoc about being in a queue because 'I paid for this game'. You already got more than your money's worth as paying the $15 for 3 years = $540. I've paid at least that much in ships, keys, and other virtual crap. Nobody put a gun to your head to make you spend that Lifer sub fee, so please, with all due respect please calm that noise. I pre-ordered, I subbed when it came out, then I quit for a while - my choice. Your money isn't worth more than the next person's, and the finger pointing for the queue in the first place should be pointed at Cryptic - not your fellow players who are stuck in it with you.

Originally Posted by crusader2007 View Post
You are here because of the rest of sub/LTS paid for it originally
Quite possibly the most ridiculous statement I've ever seen on the forums for this game.

The o3 - Killed you good

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