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01-31-2013, 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by crusader2007 View Post
So what are you complaining about. You should be happy to be F2P and dont criticize those who "really pay the bills". You are here because of the rest of sub/LTS paid for it originally...please respect others if you want to be respected as well...look at others F2P models that went bust (SWOTR)...we only ask what is fair and getting priority queue is not a right but something that is owed to us since the inception of this game
Oh dear Crusader.

I think that when you see the phrase 'ftp' something snaps and you inexplicably stop reading.

The point i was consistently making was that FTP players should NOT complain about LTS players getting priority. That, even those of us who have dropped as much money as a subscription on the game, still dont get that priority because we bought something else. We supported the game by buying something other than a subscription. We bought zen.

I am personally baffled by those ftp based players who seem to think they should get something we didnt pay for, that is an actual service offered as capable of being paid for.

The TOS constitution ship interior is part of a bundle. If I buy the DS9 bundle i dont get to complain if my TOS Connie Tier 1 ship doesnt have the interior.