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01-31-2013, 05:01 PM
Originally Posted by martokus View Post
Anyone catch the interview released earlier at this Gamersbook?:

There's not too much there, but one q and a really stood out to me:

[GB] Space combat is definitely one of the strongest game features, any plans for further improvement?

[DSTAHL] With the constant flow of new ships coming out of the shipyards, our next major update to ships will be to incorporate warp core design into how a ship performs in combat and what types of power it can bring to a fight.

Yeah, back in 2009 STO closed beta many of us suggested, and were wondering why (with all the other systems you could upgrade like Deflector Dish, Impulse Engines, etc. - we didn't have a Warp Core item (and many suggested it so that we could eject it too in game - of course that would require a tow back to ESD to get a replacement afterwards of course )

But, I hope it's something they do decide to implement.
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