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01-31-2013, 05:23 PM
Yep - I have to say disabling a major, oft promoted STO game feature that authors have to put work into; and players use for various reasons because you underestimated the player load your lead up advertising of your third anniversary event generated is VERY bad form.

In really makes authors and regular users of the Foundry feel that they are 'second class players' (IMO).

Stuff happens, and maybe you guys somehow didn't feel that all this would cause such a resurgence in former players wanting to log in, or new players wanting to try the game out finally - but seriously, after 2 previous anniversary events AND 4 Series releases that also caused MASSIVE server/login load; either the demand is really way beyond anything STO has seen before (yes, that is possible); or someone didn't really do the math to be able to handle the increased load expected.

But, again, disabling a major/featured game system because of this is really bad form.
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