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Originally Posted by critical1 View Post
Some people been asking me about how to get the accolades and they kept getting lost. hopefully this helps someone..

Map link.

Accolades for the tunnels
The wisest tribble
Everyone Remember where we parked
He's Dead Jim
Temporal Treasure Hunt

first left 2 tunnels down for "level gear" Return the same whay you came.

straght 3 tunnels, left 2 tunnels for Corpse scan for accolade

back 1 tunnel take right tunnel 1 time for the Atmosphere controller

Take left tunnel than right tunnel for the other console.

Facing console take 1 tunnel to the right and than 1 tunnel to the left for tribble accolade.

reverse your step through the only tunnels until you get to the one with the console, Take the right tunnel, than another left, than a right, and straight

Note that the accolade items (eg tribble,corpse etc) switch spots so the But the directions are correct..

I knew it would probably be a good idea check the forums before starting to make anything like this. You beat me to it, good job.