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01-31-2013, 05:30 PM
Tal sits in his quarters on his ship. Thinking of the recent events. He wonders what will happen.

Tal: it would be so much easier if they just would give in and not fight it. They could end so much fighting.

Meanwhile on the shedai super cruiser. The diadact sits and meditated on his next move.

Diadact: and they still persist and wait even when they are already defeated. There no ility blinds them to the larger scale of events. We where here before they where even a species. And yet they think they can demand questions be answered. This space belongs now to two of the forerunner races. The shedai and iconians. And we will see how long the fragile peace remains. Because we know there can be no peace forever. Sooner or later it will break. But until then we will wait.

The diadact looks out again at the stars. A hint of emotion can be seen for a moment in his eyes. And then it is gone.