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01-31-2013, 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by buccaneerdtb View Post
Then really shouldn't Gorn be even more OP on ground? Why should ground be unbalanced at all? I agree that there should be advantages in certain areas with traits and species, however, making a species superior in all types of combat (melee, mobility, and dodge) is too much. At least take away access to covert trait for cats so they can't lunge and pounce while totally invisible.

Let's introduce a new space superior race, like the aquatic Xindi, that get 'Space Instincts' : +10% accuracy +10% elusive +10 power to all systems + 3 other traits. And give access to a unique racial trait 'system restore' that recools all BO powers by 50% with a 30 second cooldown. That would force all space PvPers to either be Xindi or go home, much like Caitians have done for ground PvP.

How about adding a new species Wolverine design. They have these steel claws and regenerate health very fast.....
Caitian/Ferasan are OP for you? How about their space skills?

Well, since we're having a serious discussion here, why don't the devs. make everyone equal. No, even better, let's make everyone Q! Then, we all can be omnipotent and host a winter wonderland! We'll just swap skins to adjust to our preffered looks.

And while they're at it, they can make all starships equal so cruisers won't "suck" compared to escorts. And battlecloak for everyone!!
On the second thought, the devs shouldn't bother with ships anymore then, since we'll all be Q will just travel by the snap of our fingers as a special passive

And since we'll all be playing equal omnipotent chars, we'll resolve ground PvP by who manages to type "kill" first.