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01-31-2013, 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by velqua View Post
I like to keep my ships around because sometimes I do like to fly them. Luckily, I picked up enough Borg sets prior to the reputation that most of have them. With the idea of "role-playing" on STO, as an earlier blog suggested, it would seem like STO would have addressed limit issues.

I guess my thinking is "Why offer so many ships if we can only have a few?", especially when they keep putting out more ships in special missions, lock boxes, and the lobi store. I would think STO would want us to have them all since they would be making money of them.
I don't exactly do role playing but I've been pushing in my fleet for a pvp event that would be restricted by tier allowing our old ships to get some use.

But I have all the ships I've obtained and never got rid of one. Sure I don't use them but I was working on maxing out the capabilities of every ship I have. I even mounted a spare quad cannons I had on my NX class ship.