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01-31-2013, 07:17 PM
First time I got the talk accolade it was by talking to everyone, get food then talk to Tasha again.

Second time it took 5 or so goes and only then did I get it by talking to everyone, food, Tasha, key pickup then get refused by everyone before talking to B'vat (KDF).

So yeah despite what some say this accolade is very random when it decides to give it to you.

Only advice I can give is;

Talk to everyone before taking food.
Talk to everyone after every check point.
Leave talking to the Andorian (Fed) or B'vat (Kdf) when finding someone to create a distraction (thereby exhausting every possible dialogue).

If you still don't get it when the distraction begins then it's not registered and I don't know if it suddenly responds later. Luckily the mission is repeatable even after the event so don't worry if you don't get immediately.