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*Dorowa looks at Siraga*

Dorowa: What of it if I am?

*OOC: Yeah I had a long day been up since 3am CST so *

*Things are looking bad as the people clamor to the cause of the Shedai, rebels from all sides attack their own brethren.*

*Preston and Firie leave Preston's makeshift quarters when he is approached by the secret service. *

Agent: Sir we must get you out of here. The President has prepared a plan..

Preston: *Firie hanging on to him* Very well. I understand. *Gial arrives and soon kills the agents.*

Preston: Good to see you Gial.

Gial: I assume you have made your choice.

Preston: I have.

Firie: What is that ?

Preston: To save the people and protect them. We must prevent further bloodshed. So we shall leave Caspian IV before the invasion.

Gial: We should go now sir. Before someone gets suspicious..

Preston: Very well.

*Meanwhile the Combined forces of the Shedai now hold Earth and they now are beginning to start their invasion.*

*James sitting in a hospital bed. By the Comatose Sam.*

*A young scientist doctor walks in her catsuit tightly wrapped around her checks James' chart..*

Miranda: Well Admiral aside from your deteroiating condition in anywhere to 4-6 years .. Your fine..

James: Quite a bit blunt to a dying man.. What is happening right now?

Miranda: We are on the verge of invasion... It is not looking good. I would suggest you wear that suit you were wearing.. It seems to prolong you life when needed.

James: *grunts as he looks at Sam *

Miranda: Something there Admiral?

James: She is a family friend... But if there is something more I don't think it will happen. That much is obvious. Besides I am dying. I am not sure if a relationship is wise at this point..

Miranda: Doesn't mean you shouldn't be happy for whatever time you do have left.

James: *sighs* True... *senses somethign about her somewhat different.* You are modified augment aren't you?

Miranda: *smirks* Truly is a thing of newtypes isn't it..

James: Not sure if you mean me or you

Miranda: Both.. Yes. I have been constructed artificially but I am flesh and blood and completely human. Best genetics but there are things I do worry about..

James: Do not worry about those with me.. Your secret is safe. You might want to find a ship and get on it. Things are going to go straight to hell.

Miranda: I have been assigned to you to make sure you are in able health.

James: *smirks* Dandy a baby sitter

Miranda: Don't get your panties tied up Admiral you might like it.

James: *sighs* ok.