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01-31-2013, 08:57 PM
I haven't really noticed size differences between ship classes in-game myself, although AFAIK, ship sizes weren't consistent in the TV series anyway.

Case in point: The Search For Spock has the Constitution class refit Ent-A barely slipping out of ESD (based on relative size to the internal bay doors). Meanwhile, in TNG, the much larger Galaxy-class Ent-D was seen also inside ESD, having somehow fitted through the same set of space doors despite being a few times larger than the former.

I do think that space stations such as ESD and DS9 need to be at least twice as large as they are in-game, though - Voyager's pilot had the Intrepid-class starship dangled from the top docking pylon like a little toy, yet when I flew my Intrepid Retrofit to DS9 in-game my ship almost crowded out the apex of the three upper pylons.

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